Board Members

l4l members
Top: Wendy Dixon, Jessica Tortola, Diana Ellis 2nd row: Jeana Tecci, Darlene Kumar, Vicky Blanco 3rd row: Diane Courtney, Sanjay Aurora, Natasha Shah 4th row: Vasundhra Ganju, Kate Iantosca

Wendy Dixon, mom and school nurse, is a founding member and is currently serving as president. She believes in incremental change and Lynnfield for Love has served as a platform to work towards anti-racism and community service. Wendy has been project coordinator for several events and projects

Jessica Tortola, a former Spanish teacher and stay-at-home mom, has been with Lynnfield for Love for over a year, having served first as secretary and currently as vice president. Her tireless dedication & commitment to the mission has been an essential part of the group’s recent expanded initiatives, as well as annual projects.     

Diana Ellis, mom and speech therapist, is a founding member and currently serving as secretary. She is part of Lynnfield Cultural Council, facilitating a critical partnership between our two groups. Diana has participated in countless projects to ensure their success.

Jeana Tecci, a stay-at-home mom, has been with Lynnfield for Love for over a year and is currently serving as treasurer. Jeana also manages our website. The success of our fundraising projects are due in large part to Jeana’s outstanding organization skills.

Darlene Kumar, a stay-at-home mom, is a founding member, and has been Director of Community Relations since the beginning. Her experience as PTO president has been invaluable to Lynnfield for Love. Darlene also serves on the Lynnfield Cultural Council

Vicky Blanco, a stay-at-home mom, is also a founding member, and essential contributor to all projects. Vicky has had a long career in marketing and has used her skills to present Lynnfield for Love to the community in a beautiful way including flyers, t-shirt designs, press releases, and signage at events. Vicky’s artistic talent is endless

Diane Courtney, mom and pediatric ED nurse, is a founding member and a dedicated Girl Scout leader. She brings valuable leadership expertise to the group ensuring our group is valuable to our community. If there is a town event, you will see Diane there representing Lynnfield for Love and Girl Scouts. Diane is also a liaison with A Healthy Lynnfield. Diane’s creativity launched the kindness rock garden in our town

Natasha Shah, a family practice physician, is a founding member and also a liaison with A Healthy Lynnfield. Natasha has served as vice president and has been a project coordinator and contributor. She is also an emergency foster parent. Her husband, Sanjay Aurora, NICU physician, is also a founding member and is always making himself available to lend a helping hand.

Vasundhra Ganju, is a mom, educator and wellness coach, founding member, former treasurer, and a part of Lynnfield Cultural Council. Vasundhra has been hosting mindfulness workshops for several years. She has been an essential contributor to so many events utilizing her technical and creative talents.

Kate Iantosca, mom and software consultant, and founding member, is currently point person for our winter holiday service project. She established our land dedication that we recite at the beginning of our meetings and is meticulous with any editing that comes her way.

The talent that is comprised in this group is undeniable and is a recipe for Lynnfield for Love’s success now and in the future.

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